PitchGround's Refund Policy

PitchGround offers a hassle-free 60 days refund policy. You can opt for a refund in any of the 2 mentioned ways within 60 days.
1. In order to request a refund for a code to your original payment source (Card-Bank(Stripe) or PayPal)
- Head to the Refund panel - For an automatic refund, please select the Refund To The Original Payment Source option. 
- For a manual refund, please click on the Contact Support button to proceed, or please send us a direct email at support@pitchground.com with your PitchGround Invoice ID / Coupon code or your Payment Transaction ID you would want to refund. 
  • The 60 days refund period starts from the date of your purchase until the 60th day (UTC Time). Post that, no refund will be processed whatsoever to the wallet or original payment source.
  • We provide automatic instant refunds for up to 3 licenses/month. For more refunds, please contact our support team at support@pitchground.com. System abuse may lead to a definite ban on your account.
  • Our Billing Team works Monday - Friday from 10:00 hours to 18:00 hours GMT+5.30. (Weekdays only, excluding National/International Holidays).
  • Any manual billing requests may take anywhere from 1-7 business days to complete and process (excluding Holidays and Weekends). You will receive a confirmation email from us once the manual refund is processed.
  • A manual refund request is only considered when the above-mentioned invoice details are provided within the eligible 60 days refund period only to our official support email. 
  • Any request raised outside our official support email (channel) will not be considered a valid refund request.
  • The refund will only be processed to the same and original payment source (Card/Bank to Card/Bank via Stripe and PayPal to PayPal) and not via any other method. 
  • To know when the refund will appear in your Bank or PayPal account, please read this more information - https://help.pitchground.com/billing/how-long-refund-takes-to-process
2. In order to request a refund to your Pitchground wallet - simply click on the 'Refund to PG Wallet' button inside your Refund panel to get an instant credit refund to your PG Wallet.
  • The invoice or code amount refunded will be instantly credited to your PitchGound wallet and can be used immediately for your next purchase. However, once the amount is credited & used (partial or full) and/or is over 60 days refund period from the original invoice date, that wallet amount used will be eligible only for a wallet refund as per our refund policy and will be non-transferable to the original payment source.
  • In case if any same product is purchased again that has been already previously refunded on, regardless of the plan, will be eligible only for a wallet refund. Read our wallet terms for more information as applicable.
  • Special Note - Products/Invoices purchase (payment made) via CryptoCurrency is eligible only for a PG Wallet Refund. No refund to the original payment source is applicable for Crypto payments.
Please note:
The refund will be processed only on the actual paid value (owned) by the user in an invoice valid for 60 refund days (UTC time) (Excluding PG Incentives, PG-Owned Credits, Discounts, and/or any term as applicable during purchase). Once the refund is processed from our system & the code is cancelled, it cannot be reversed.
PG VIP is non-refundable but you can choose to cancel it for future renewal by contacting our support at support@pitchground.com. Please find the details here - https://pitchground.com/vip
In case if the system detects any fraud purchase-refund pattern abusing the refund system (over 80% or high value and volume refunds, whichever is first) and/or if you end up filing a dispute against PitchGround for any such transaction, your account will be immediately banned/suspended and will be permanently blacklisted and you will lose access to your purchase/purchases. Any disputes that are won by PitchGround are never eligible for any refunds. If the user further makes secondary/other accounts and continues with the same pattern, the Refund Policy will not be applicable for such purchases/accounts while also leading to another indefinite suspension.
Hence we encourage you to contact us and leverage your 60 days of hassle-free refund policy fairly. PitchGround (dba. Little SaaS Inc.) holds any final decision for your account in case of a violation of this policy which cannot be challenged.
If you need any help with anything, feel free to email support at support@pitchground.com.