Wallet Terms

If you are using PitchGround's Wallet then you automatically agree to all our following terms:

  1. Once an invoice with single or multiple codes is refunded by the user to their PitchGround Wallet can be requested for a transfer to the original payment source only if the amount is 100% unused and is within the 60 days of our standard refund policy.
  2. An invoice purchased via the PitchGround wallet amount (partially or completely) is only eligible for a refund credit back to the wallet as per our 60 days refund policy and is non-transferable to other payment sources.
  3. Any credits added by PitchGround can be availed only once per user during its availability. In case of a refund of an invoice consisting that credits, it will be non-refundable.
  4. Any wallet credit added by Team PitchGround from its own capital as a part of a promotion or out of goodwill can be removed by the team depending on the promotion and its tenure and in case of a refund of an invoice consisting that amount.
  5. For an account with a negative wallet amount (refer to pt. 3 and 4), the account will be eligible for a refund only after first adjusting the negative balance in the wallet. In case of any false dispute opened by the user, PitchGround holds the final decision to suspend the user permanently from using PitchGround.
  6. For a refund for any invoice that is covered via credits added by the PitchGround team, PitchGround holds to make a final decision.
  7. In case you are found abusing and misusing the PitchGround Wallet - which means, buying and refunding any product and plans, multiple times to cheat the system for acquiring the codes illegally, your account will be blacklisted forever and will not be eligible for any refund back to the original source whatsoever.
  8. If you end up filing a false dispute against us which is against our terms as mentioned, your account will be permanently banned and deleted, and you will lose access to all your purchase. Any disputes that are won are never eligible for any refunds. 

If you have any questions then please feel free to reach out to us at support@pitchground.com

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