Affiliate Shutdowns

PitchGround has recently (30th January 2020) shutdown many inactive and fraud affiliate accounts. If you think you were active, did not commit fraud and it was a mistake, then please contact our support at Our team will have a look into it for you and give you a complete update with regards to why your account was suspended or shut.

However, here are some following reasons why your account was disabled: 

  • The purchase was self-referred by the user for themselves or for their own company. (Even it's one referral)
  • The purchase was made among the two affiliates purposely to try and discount the product. 
  • The account has been inactive for over 60 days with less than 2 sales during that period. 
  • The affiliate has tried to defame us in public without substantial proof and without contacting us in an intention to hurt or defame the company. (Such affiliates will be permanently banned with no appeal option available).
  • Trying to use a VPN to make self-referral.
  • Your refund rate as an affiliate for your referrals is above 50%.
  • If you were found spamming over the internet without providing any educational materials to your users. 
  • If you are found bidding for any of our brand names on any platform. 
  • If you didn't follow our Affiliate policy terms.
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