Simple NO-BS Affiliate Policy

This is a simple NO-BS affiliate policy that will help you kick start your affiliate journey with PitchGround dba. Little SaaS, Inc. 

No one has ever read lengthy policies, so we will keep this one very short and make an easy Do and Don't list for you. 

When you sign up for PitchGround as an affiliate, you automatically accept all our rules and regulations.

Simple Do's: 

  • You can refer your links to your friends & customers.
  • You can refer to your links on social media.
  • You can run Ads on different networks (As long as you are not bidding for "PitchGround" or "Pitch Ground" or any of the product keyword which is selling on PitchGround. Doing so will nullify all your commission with a permanent non-revocable ban).
  • You can share your links to your email list. 
  • You can share your links by making a video on YouTube.
  • You can share your links by writing a blog post. 
  • Play legit and be cool :) 

Simple Don't:

  • Don't try to be a smart-a**. 
  • Self-referral is not allowed and will lead to a shutdown of your affiliate account with all commission nullified without any notice. (In case if it was done by mistake, contact our support within the first 24 hours of the purchase time with a considerable reason for further evaluation)
  • No creation of other accounts or company accounts will be validated to purchase any product with your link.
  • As an affiliate, no cross-referrals with another affiliate/user will be entertained and the commission will be nullified for both and the affiliate accounts for both will be banned permanently without any notice.
  • Don't try to change your IP, PC, etc when making the purchase, we will figure out during the time of the payout when we audit each of your referrals. If we find any pattern, we will terminate your account with no further notice and nullify all your referrals. 
  • Any referrals made from the same IP or similar IP patterns used in both the accounts (Yes, we track that too) will be considered as a self-referral sale and will not be considered. Any other purchases made from that account won't be considered either. In the case of repetition, the affiliate account will be banned forever and all the sales will be nullified without any notice.
  • Don't spam the internet. (No one likes working with spammers)
  • Don't ask your family member to make a purchase using your affiliate link, this is not cool. 
  • Don't try to use affiliation as a discount, if found, you could risk losing your entire account. (Do you think it's worth it?)
  • If we find that you are providing any sort of commissions or cashback to your users for the affiliate sale, your complete account will be terminated immediately.
  • No bidding on "PitchGround" or "Pitch Ground" or any product as a keyword on any of the channels.
  • If you threaten PitchGround for any affiliate sales done by you that include any of the above Don't or any other fraudulent pattern, your account will be immediately terminated and all the sales will be nullified without any notice.

Let's work together, and let's make money together. 

PayOut Terms: 

All payouts are made upon a manual request. In order to receive the payout, you need to meet the following condition: 

  • You have earned your commission by being legit (Look at the Simple Do's above).
  • You have referred at least 5 customers. 
  • You have a minimum of $100 balance available for the payout. 

Changes to the policies can be made at any given point with no further notice and you agree to accept the policies if you wish to continue promoting products on PitchGround. 

Affiliate Commission: 

We offer a 30% commission for every successful sale post refund period.

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