What To Do If Your Payment Failed

In some rare cases, PitchGround has witnessed some payment failure. This usually happens due to one of the following reasons: 

  • You are using a Pre-Paid card (We do not accept pre-paid cards).
  • Your bank disallowed/declined the transaction due to any reason. In case the amount was debited from your account, the amount will be automatically credited back to your account by your bank within 1-5 business. If you still don't receive any funds within the mentioned time, please contact your Card Issuer/Bank or our support.
  • You are traveling to another country, while your card is from your native country (Please contact us in this case). 
  • You do not have sufficient balance.
  • Your bank/card doesn't allow International transactions (If you are not located in the United States).

If there is any further assistance you require, then please write to us at support@pitchground.com or your Card Issuer/Bank for more information.

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