How To Use Incentives?

Please read the below instructions to know more about the PitchGround Incentives.

How to use your PitchGround Incentive Credit -

  1. Login to your PitchGround account.
  2. Then go to or click on the Deals button within your account and add any quantity of SaaS plan(s) you’d like to buy into your cart.
  3. When you are ready, click the Complete Your Purchase/Reserve Your Code button and it will create a Pending Invoice.
  4. Your invoice will have the information about your active Incentive with an Apply Now button.
  5. Make sure to click on the Apply button to apply the Incentive to the invoice.
  6. If there’s any payable balance left, click on Card/PayPal to pay the invoice completely.
  7. An active and unused Incentive will be directly and only visible on a pending invoice.
  8. A pending invoice has a validity of 72 hours. If you have applied the Incentive and it's still unpaid until 72 hours days, you can find it under the Invoices tab > Pending Invoices in your PG account. After 72 hours, the unpaid and pending invoices will be expired permanently.

Important things to note about Incentives:

  1. The Incentives can only be used once as a one-time discount to a single invoice for any Total Payable Amount. 
  2. Your Incentive will be applied all at once to a single invoice. The same Incentive cannot split into multiple invoices and any remaining Incentive balance will be lost if your total invoice amount is less than your Incentives.
  3. If your Total Amount is more than your Incentive, you can pay the remaining balance via Card/PayPal to complete your purchase.
  4. Incentives are non-refundable under any circumstances whatsoever.
  5. Once applied, it cannot be refunded. Once you use it, it’s used forever. Once your invoice and/or Incentive is expired, it's gone forever.
  6. The pending invoice will be valid only for 72 hours, the Incentive will be non-transferable in any case even once the invoice expires after 72 hours.
  7. Refunding the code you purchased with an Incentive will not refund any amount of Incentive used. In case of a partial refund for an invoice with multiple plans or codes, the amount will be first deducted via Incentive.
  8. Incentives once applied to an invoice, cannot be withdrawn or reapplied to any other invoice. 
  9. Use your Incentives wisely. The Incentives have an expiration date. Your Incentive expiration date is clearly shown when your pending invoice is generated.
  10. The Incentive cannot be exchanged, clubbed, or traded with any other monetary value, account, plan, code, and anything else.
  11. If we find any issues, abnormal, and/or foul usage of the Incentive and/or the invoice associated with it, both the invoice and the Incentives will be revoked immediately.
  12. No disputes on Refunds for invoices brought using the Incentives partly or fully shall be compensated by PitchGround.
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